Joshua Mundy

Joshua Mundy

Joshua Mundy has called Nashville his home for over 30 years. He's a husband, father, community leader, and business owner. I met with Joshua at the site of his Jefferson St. businesses that were impacted by the tornado.

Q: What are some things you love about Nashville?

Joshua: I just love how the city has grown, the endless amounts of opportunity, and the people.

Q: You had several businesses that were hit by the tornado, what were they and what did they do?

Joshua: So, I had three businesses in the same building: Music City Cleaners which was a neighborhood dry cleaners that served the Nashville Community for over 12 years. I also had a co-working space called theLab Nashville, it was the epicenter for small minority owned businesses to grow and scale. The last one was Events at 624 which was a event space.

Q: When were you able to survey the damage? Can you describe what you saw?

Joshua: So, me and my wife stayed up all night answering phone calls and really didn't get much sleep. We slept in and really didn't get to see the damage until around 10am. What we saw was devastating to see a beautiful that we poured our blood, sweat and tears into gone in an instant. Just the complete neighborhood was destroyed, and it was really hard to digest.

Q: A lot of people have talked about meeting neighbors that they didn’t know before the tornado. As a business owner, did you experience meeting neighbors or other business owners who were also impacted? Any memorable moments that stand out?

Joshua: It just blew my mind how the community just came together to help each other. So, people just donating their time, talent and resources was just amazing. I have never experienced anything like this in my life and just witnessing the community help us a whole lot.

Q: Did you have volunteers offer to help with cleanup or recovery? How soon after the tornado did they arrive? Was there anything that stood out to you about the volunteers?

Joshua: So, we have a non-profit organization called Fortitude Homes and we house male adults with mental illness. The home is located in the heart of North Nashville and one of the hardest hit areas. There were volunteers everywhere lending a hand.

Q: After the dust settled, what were some of the major changes in your life due to the tornado?

Joshua: It was just really weird! A place I have been going to for over 12 years almost every single day was gone. It has been really been a huge adjustment and we have been trying each day to create a new normal.

Q: Have you re-opened or do you plan to reopen?

Joshua: We haven't reopened...the dry cleaners will soon be operating 100% mobile but will kick it off once Covid-19 dies down.

Q: Now that we’re almost 3 months past the event, what are some challenges you’re still dealing with that you thought would have been resolved by now?

Joshua: Just still dealing with the building, trying to retrieve items that are still under brick and rubble. Covid-19 practically put a pause on everything.

Q: Sometimes tragedy leads to unexpected blessings. Are there any things you’re thankful for that came about because of the tornado?

Joshua: I am just truly Thankful for the Nashville Community for wrapping their arms around us. They have truly been a blessing beyond measure. I am also thankful for the Reset that God has given me. I have a brand new canvas to work from and I am excited about the challenge.